10 important fact you need to know that about lotus temple.

1.Lotus temple known as the ‘Bahai House of Worship’, it is a worship place for all religions and centres around platonic integration of the humans.

2. This grand lotus temple was built in 1986.

3.  92000 Square Metres of land in Delhi was purchased merely for Rupees 140,289.

4. 100190 rupees donated by ardashir rustampur of pakistan for the land of lotus temple .

5. The hall of this lotus temple can accommodate 2500 people at a stretch! .

6. •A scale model of the Lotus Temple was prepared by specialists in London.

7. It has taken more than a decade to build this temple. Finally in 1986, it’s opened to the general public.

8. only 2400 people can be entry at a time .

9. it has a Marble Flooring which was brought from Penteli Mountain in Greece. 

10. The cost of building and maintaining come only from the members of The temple Faith from around the world.

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